Why We Need Romance

I can’t read the news anymore.  I don’t want to be  this cynic, but I can’t help it.  So, my antidote is romance.  If you’re with someone, do something special for that person today.  Pick a bouquet of dandelions, make a special dinner.  Or just go to them and lay your head softly on their shoulder to let them know you’re in love with them.  Don’t go into the day with hate and recrimination.  Instead choose a way to soften the world’s edges.

I know in the modern world romance can sometimes be confused with “hooking up”, but romance to me is only the start of something wonderful and hopefully long-lasting.

This is my world-softener.  There is much lovely about the world.  Somewhere out there, there is a boy (let’s call him Tom) about to ask a girl out.  He is standing in front of a mirror, practicing asking her out.  Or his buddy is urging him on.  And there is a girl (Kim) who’s liked a boy for ages, wishing he’d ask her out.  Maybe they share a class or have a locker beside each other.  Their romance is one of thousands that will start today. And who knows where today will take Tom and Kim.

Is today the day your romance will start?