About Meg

I am Meg McNamara, romance novelist and Francophile. My love for France flavors my writing.  I live on Cape Cod with my mother and sister and a golden retriever named Lucy.  I work for a cultural non-profit to pay the bills and use my free time (what there is of it) to write.

I’ve written two full-length romances.

 “Love Aix” (pronounced Love ‘Aches’), a daydream of a relocation to Aix-en-Provence.  Caroline has been dreaming of marrying “French” and when she meets Olivier she knows her destiny has been realized.  Olivier – who just may be the Frenchman you’ve been dreaming of recognizes his destiny as well.  You’ll fall in love with Olivier along with Caroline — but hands off — he’s her’s!

I See France”  is a light romantic caper set in Paris.  The action is very loosely based on a trip I took to Paris and London many years ago.  My imaginary friends, Ellen and Charles are thrown together to solve 2 art thefts.  Happy Ending assured!

I’ve also written numerous short stories and a children’s book set in Paris.  That book – Little Noelle’s Christmas Wish, I self-published in 2016 after a collaboration with an illustrator named Rose Bechtold.

To borrow from the Monkees I’m a “Daydream Believer” and encourage others to daydream as much as possible.  My most favorite daydream (after marrying a man just like Olivier and moving to Aix-en-Provence) is finding my books being read on beaches all over the world — kindles and paperbacks slightly marred by suntan-lotion fingerprints.

When time permits I’ll blog, either to announce something new I’ve written, to post a new short story or just to write.  My Dad, Owen McNamara encouraged me to write and I can hear his words ringing in my ears — “Write, Meg. Write.