The Heart of A Lion

The face that glared back at me from the mirror wasn’t mine. For sure, I’d never before possessed that confident chin, and the eyes that normally would be comfortable only downcast, were bright and direct. There was a healthy luster to my skin – a glow of good health, I had never before been able … Read more

Love Aix, Again

So my rookie romance is up on Kindle now.  “Love Aix” is a book about an American ex-pat in Provence.  Caroline had dreamed of marrying a Frenchman all her life.  And then an unexpected move to Provence brought her Olivier.  Olivier was the kind of man who could bring you to your knees.  He was … Read more

By any other name…

I had a very pleasant conversation yesterday with a woman also named Meg. She started her life as Marguerite and I started mine as “Margaret”.  We both ended up with “Meg” after a series of names that didn’t quite fit.  Mine was “Margie” – with a soft ‘g’.  It was delicate, and ladylike.  And I … Read more

Taking A Little “Me Time”

You can’t write if you’re too tired and distracted.  That’s the honest truth.  And so I’m taking some “Me Time” over the long weekend.  Full disclosure — I have been writing — but only to update “Love Aix” in preparation for her launch on Kindle this weekend.  I have been much caught up with correcting Caroline’s and Olivier’s grammar, making sure their romance sells and that I’m still in love with their story when all the clean up is done.  My sister and I have also spent a great deal of time fostering our dad’s book “A Test of Wings” onto Kindle and to making sure you all know it’s there.

So in the last few months I’ve done very little writing. I’ve done a lot of rewriting and revisiting. I have revisited ‘The Fairy Kingdom At The End Of The Lane’ and ‘The Head in the Bay‘ and most especially ‘I Dream of Skye‘.  I’ve spent some time with ‘Josie and Gypsy and Frenchie‘ and I think they all deserve a chance. And I know that to many of you all of these sound like romantic fare (well except for The Head In  The Bay) and they are.  They are me – the idealistic, slightly fuzzy-around-the-edges, hoping for a prince charming, me.  I conspire though, and have dark thoughts; I plot and plan and destroy.  Some of those things happen before the ‘happily ever after’ and I’m cool with that.  Hope you are too.  So if some of you aren’t really sure if romance is for you.  Watch the news some night. I think you’ll be reaching for “Love Aix”, because for a little while, life is better there.





Why We Need Romance

I can’t read the news anymore.  I don’t want to be  this cynic, but I can’t help it.  So, my antidote is romance.  If you’re with someone, do something special for that person today.  Pick a bouquet of dandelions, make a special dinner.  Or just go to them and lay your head softly on their … Read more