Who’s the Dr. Smith?

I have to admit that this whole “US Space Force” thing is giving me the giggles. The subject matter is rich with material. There is the whole comparison to “Star Wars”, the “Jetsons” and “Lost in Space” — even “My Favorite Martian” comes to mind although in a negative, creepy way. What about the outfits/ costumes? Where’ll they train? The picture of VP Pence with his two hands in ‘firing position’ leaves me with a wish that someone do a meme putting joysticks in them.

I’m told this is a real thing but with this administration backing it, I can’t take it seriously. The danger doesn’t come from space — it comes from Pennsylvania Avenue.

The sad part is that this ridiculousness is really IMHO designed to make Pence look like the crazy one so that the electorate feels more comfy with Trump. Fact is they’re both bonkers. Which leaves the open question – Which one will be the Dr. Smith?