Women of America, What’s Next?

This has been a rough week for the GOP and they deserve it.

They are allowing to move forward nomination proceedings against a man with a credible sexual assault allegation against him.  Of course, they’ve completely ignored the accusations of sexual assault against the president — and there are many.  But to deny a full and fair FBI investigation of the charge made against nominee Kavanaugh, before moving to a vote, is malpractice.

That’s what the FBI does.  They investigate backgrounds of people nominated to public office.  And this one is pretty important — a Supreme Court Judge.  A lifetime appointment.  Fair to ask why the FBI hadn’t investigated Kavanaugh before this?  I can’t imagine that if they had, they wouldn’t have come across his ugly history at his precious prep school.  His schoolmate, Mark Judge, has not hidden that history.

Bottom line. The GOP wants his vote, they don’t want to know about his history, his reputation, his faults.  To their detriment.  They’ve made no bones about wanting to be in charge of women’s bodies – plotting a court that will eliminate Roe v. Wade.  They want to defund Planned Parenthood so that women’s health decisions are corralled into more conservatively-approved sources.  And now, they want to erase a possible sexual assault because women’s bodies are their domain.  They degrade.  They decide. They are in charge.  So maybe not all the GOP are like that – but they’re allowing it to happen, so they will be remembered for their complicity.

They aren’t concerned with getting the best man for the job.  They want one that owes them something.  One that will be so grateful for them looking the other way, that he’ll vote their way.

And, the GOP women have abandoned the sisterhood.  I guess we knew that before Trump was elected, but what cave did his female voters get released from?  I feel as if they’re all being drugged and brainwashed to allow themselves to be demeaned and disconnected from decisions that affect them.  Women should stand together.  This is not a political opinion.  This is a human opinion.  How can we allow these old white males to roll back the advances we’ve made as a society? What does that say about the future?

At this rate, there will never be a woman president.  Because the GOP won’t allow it.  Women are their subjects.  Not their equals.