Let Me Introduce You to CeCe deLuc!

I’d like you all to know CeCe deLuc.  CeCe deLuc is my nom de plume for romance writing.  I have always been a dreamer, and the first thing I dreamed up was CeCe deLuc.  She was my imaginary friend as a little girl — a sharer of PB&Js on rainy days; a sneaker of chocolate; a hater of bullies; a fan of the color pink; a keeper of secrets and wishes. CeCe is the holder of my early daydreams and now a collaborator on my first published work of romantic fiction inspired by those dreams.

Love Aix” is alive on Kindle, with a beautiful cover designed by my sister Betc and written under this nom de plume. CeCe is the romantic dreamer.  Meg is the more practical one. She’s the one who can be counted on for political opinions and mysteries.  She has an edge that CeCe doesn’t.  Two halves of one whole.

I hope you enjoy Love Aix, and enjoy meeting CeCe.